Most babies and children are photographed in bare feet. Katie Wells Photography has many props, hats, headbands, bows, skirts, etc. to use during your session.


Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are best before 10 days old. Tiny ones look best in their own skin as clothing can detract from their delicate features.  I can provide hats, headbands, wraps, and props--but you are welcome to bring some of your own. If you are planning on a newborn session, please call ahead with your due date so a spot is guaranteed at birth. A newborn session usually takes about 2 hours. Parents look best in long sleeve black shirts or short sleeve white shirts when photographed with a newborn.


Maternity Session

Typically done between 32 and 37 weeks in the pregnancy. Clothing choices are completely up to the client--whatever you feel most comfortable with.  Maternity sessions can be studio or outdoor.


Child Session

Babies also look adorable in their own skin and in simple clothing. The best age to photograph a baby is between 6 and 9 months--while they can sit up on their own, but before they are quickly crawling away.


Children look best in simple, layered clothing that offer some texture and interest. Avoid clothes that have logos, brand names, or busy patterns.


Other Info

- Please don't bring a sick child for pictures. I will always make time to re-schedule due to teething, illness, etc.

- Please don't bring siblings who aren't being photographed that day. That way time and attention can be better focused on the subject.